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Thank you for checking us out. We are proud of our vision and mission statements, our history, and our management team.

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Reg Charney co-founded EntreBahn when he returned to Toronto after being away for many years. He had worked in Europe with IBM and Unilever, and in the U.S., with other large companies like Pitney Bowes. He spent the last 7 years in Silicon Valley.

On coming back, Reg’s background as an entrepreneur asserted itself and he decided to start a new business. But, he needed to start from scratch because all his old contacts had moved on. He needed to find experts in various fields like sales and marketing, finance, and product development and he needed to do it quickly.

But how to find the best resources? The old methods of going around and interviewing dozens of people was expensive and time-consuming. The usual way of judging how good someone or something is by rating them. But, there was no independent agency who provided ratings on a person’s expertise. This was crucial when asking someone to act as an advisor, coach or mentor. Also, even though many people offered free consultations and advice, it was not clear how it applied to Reg’s business ideas. Both Peter H Salus, our other co-founder, and Reg realized that this was a common problem affecting most businesses. EntreBahn is the solution to all these issues.

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To empower entrepreneurs’ success regardless of their field of endeavour, background, age, ethnicity, or education.



To make your business plans and branding efforts more effective and efficient by delivering end-to-end integrated solutions.