Pricing Plans

All our prices are published and fall into 3 categories, depending on the type of service you desire.

Fixed Price

Currently, expert opinions by EntreBahn advisors, coaches and mentors are FREE on all the submission types that we support.

All EntreBahn in-depth structured reviews have a fixed price, based on the type of material being reviewed and the number of coaches whom you ask to review your material.

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Capped Pricing

All EntreBahn revisions have capped pricing which limits your exposure.

The price of a revision is inversely proportional to the review score that a submission has received. Tihat is, the higher the review score, less work needs to be done for a revision, so the price is lower. If no review was performed, then the maximum price applies for the revision since the person doing the revision needs to start from scratch.

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100% Guarantee

All work done by EntreBahn coaches is guaranteed to meet or exceed your expectations or your money back. We only ask that you complete a simple evaluation of the review or revision within 3 days. In this way, you can help us resolve our quality issues.